TARA HARTE - writer/editor/producer

TARA HARTE - writer/editor/producer


I am a researcher, writer, and editor with 14 years of experience, specializing in educational entertainment for children and young adults. I have worked in print, web, and television. Fast, enthusiastic, and reliable, I deliver high-quality content on schedule.

Interactive Writer and Producer

As an interactive writer and producer for various TV broadcasters, I collaborated with illustrators, programmers, and project managers to create online Flash-animated games and activities. I was responsible for all research, writing, and narrative game scripts. I also wrote comic books, feature stories, radio shows, TV scripts, polls, blogs, recipes, email newsletters, book reviews, arts and crafts how-to's, quizzes, trivia, and contest copy. I moderated message boards, reviewed user submissions, and uploaded content using CMSs.


I worked as a developmental editor at two major educational publishers, producing pieces for their elementary school literacy programs. Projects included fiction and non-fiction books, magazine articles, poetry, and blogs. I followed projects through the editorial process, pitching ideas, writing text, researching photos, creating art manuscripts, and reviewing designed pages.
I edited freelance writers’ work from first draft through to final text, and also co-created a website that introduced human rights to high school students via videos, interviews, artwork, and articles.

Magazine Writer

I am a regular contributor to Owl and KNOW magazines, writing for their science and tech sections. I pitch ideas, do background research, and interview experts.

Armed with an honours degree in English Language and Literature, a post-grad diploma in Interactive Multimedia, and a decade and a half worth of experience, my clients see me as the go-to gal for entertaining and educational content for kids and young adults.

  • TVOKids
  • Scholastic
  • Kids' CBC
  • Owl Magazine
  • Nelson Education
  • KNOW Magazine
  • Toronto Zoo
  • Teletoon
  • Harlequin
  • Ontario Science Centre
  • Canadian Opera Company
  • Ontario Physical Health Education Association
  • CCI Entertainment
Contact me: info@taraharte.com
Tech wise? I'm a whiz with CMS tools and WordPress. I can use PhotoShop, work within HTML, CSS, and XML files, and record and edit audio.
I am available for: researching, writing, social media initiatives, interactive producing, SEO, proofreading, and editing (developmental, substantive, and copy).
My resume? Send me an email and I can forward you a copy.
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