Walking Dead Book 7

Wow. I totally missed the publication of the new Walking Dead Book 7 hardcover edition on October 18! And I had only been waiting to get my hands on it for a whole year.

That’s it. Book-buying ban 2011 is officially over. Well, just in this one case.

I wish I could get this excited about the TV show…


I’ve been on a big bio kick this past week:

I’m more of a fiction gal, but had decided earlier this year that I would try to match every fiction book I read with a non-fiction book. I finished Mindy Kaling’s, and loved it. Such an easy, fun read. If you’re even a somewhat fan of The Office, pick it up.

I’m halfway through the Gloria Steinem bio and just started Bossypants on my Kobo. The Steinem bio is not a fun, easy read like Kaling’s, which is fine. It’s not supposed to be. And the title hits home; I feel like I’m the one getting an education.

I had wanted to read more about Steinem after listening to an interview with her on CBC. I had always known she was instrumental in the feminist movement, but didn’t actually know much about her. Listening to her speak with such eloquence and intelligence, it made me wonder, why the heck didn’t I know more about her. Why had her name never come up in junior high or high school?

The more I continue to read about Steinem’s life, and all the women around her, the more cheated I feel.