A Comic Obsession

I dug out the old – but never forgotten – romance book that I wrote a few years back. Why, you ask? I read that the Harlequin Series Digital First Line was currently accepting submissions, and thought, what the heck? After reviewing, polishing, and updating, I sent it in. Below is a bit of a synopsis …
A Comic Obsession


Nothing can prepare 25-year-old Brinn Michaels for the mind-blowing moment when she rushes into a popular downtown comic book store and smacks face-first into a sexy, leather-clad Caped Crusader (circa Christian Bale; no Adam West dorkiness here).

Shocked at her physical reaction to the mysterious Batman (who would’ve thought leather could be so intoxicating?), Brinn is desperate to buy her brother’s birthday present and get the hell out. She’s hot for a guy in costume, and that simply doesn’t fit with her calm, ordered world of calendars, schedules and smartphone alarms.

And why doesn’t this man fit into her world? A third-year law student at the University of Toronto, Brinn’s worked hard to get where she is, and it hasn’t been easy. Her dad buggered off when she was eight, and her mom died when Brinn was 20, leaving her to care for her 13-year-old brother, Adam. With all her responsibilities, Brinn doesn’t have time for fantasy and flirtation, no matter what her body is demanding.

But Brinn hasn’t seen the last of the man in black, also known as Jake Reynolds, sexy owner of the comic book store, Jade. In order to help her best friend, Emily, keep her job as associate producer on the hit reality TV show, Make Me Over, Brinn reluctantly agrees to pose as a guest – with Jake pretending to be her boyfriend. Now they need to spend the three weeks leading up to their segment’s taping getting to know each other … intimately.

2 thoughts on “A Comic Obsession

  1. Thanks, Stacie. We’ll see if anything happens with it, but I thought I’d get it out there. Better than gathering dust in my drawer!

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